Middle Ages of nursing

During this time women who operated in hospitals were often affiliated with churches. Women often took on the role of caring for the injured, poor and the sick because they have that natural nurturing role. 

Women had the option to be a nurse, nurse practitioner or midwife. Those who became midwives did so because they had prior experience delivering their own children. During this time period, men were not allowed in the labor chambers, even physicians. Midwives had complete control of everything that happened during child birth. Because midwives had their job due to prior experience, they had little to no proper training. 

Other women became what is called a “wet-nurse” these are women who would breastfeed a baby whose mother died or is unable to produce any milk. Wet nurses would live with the family of the baby. 

It is interesting to see how nursing and medicine has changed over time. Now, midwives as well as labor and delivery nurses go through so much training to help with any complications. To learn about how women had no proper training is crazy to me. There could have been complications that they were unaware about because their own delivery went as well as it could have with little to no complications. 

There are religions that do not allow for male providers. But now there are more female providers with the same training as males to help in everything medicine has to offer. I think it is great to see over time how females roles in medicine have changed. Still with nursing there is always that stigmatism that it is mostly females, but more and more males are becoming nurses as well. 

As  I prepare my nursing career I can see how important the training/schooling is. Obviously in these early times, medicine was not as advanced as it is now and there was little training. I do feel grateful for the training we do have today. I feel like whenever I am seeing someone in a medical profession I know I am getting taken care of due to the proper training/schooling they had to preform. 

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